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On Tuesday I showed you a little of what the local bakers have been up to with their cakes. Today, in a series I should subtitle “What the Kids are Doing”  I’ll show you some FAB flowers! (Has anyone else seen that segment called “What the Kids are Watching” on The Soup? Just me? Really?)

The wonderful thing about flowers is that you simply can’t go wrong! They always, always, always look pretty. Any combination! Any colors! Any height! Any size! They WILL look awesome! FACT.

As far as local florists, there aren’t any specific vendors that I see over and over again. Maybe there are just a lot of ladies out there that dabble in flowers, but there honestly isn’t a specific name I hear over and over again. Many brides choose to do a DIY bouquet or they ask a friend of the family who used to have a shop or used to work in a shop. However, one person that really impressed me was Amber Clark. She’s brand new and doesn’t even have a site yet, but I thought her work on Natalie and Joel’s wedding was really nice!

Most weddings I shoot have real flowers, every once in a while we’ll see someone using silks due to an allergy problem or something like that. I’d love to see someone branch into funky felts, paper flowers, or a brooch bouquet. I just love alternative details. They’re so unique and personal! (I’m maybe talking to you, Meg Tepfer, with the world’s worst allergies… )

When you do choose a florist, you might want to ask them to specifically use flowers that do not come to you through child slave labor. One of the dirty little secrets of the industry is that many international greenhouses or farms use very young children who are barely paid anything at all to care for their plants. To avoid those flowers, I’d suggest asking for all American flowers or ask for organically grown flowers. If you want to live a compassionate life, it’s worth paying a little extra for flowers that were compassionately grown.

Without further ado, here’s one of the prettiest posts I’ve ever done. Flowers, flowers, and more fabulous flowers.

So, which flowers are your favorite? Any dream bouquets? My dream bouquet would be a combination of Peony blossoms and Ranunculus. Maybe someday I’ll just buy myself a bouquet and stare at it…

Tell me about your flower loves! I LOVE hearing from readers and I read every single comment.


  1. I can’t BELIEVE I didn’t have peonies in my wedding. So disappointing. I guess there was so much going on, I didn’t think of everything at the time.

    I love all these flowers- all flowers in general, actually :)Thanks for posting a pretty beginning to my day!

  2. Lovely! One of my most favorite flowers are Lily of the Valley. They are so dainty and smell so wonderful. I used them in my wedding! I am usually drawn to the bouquets that are full of wild flowers. I also love peonies and discovered this week that I have a peony bush growing in my yard! Yay!

  3. I recognize mine in there! I always thought I wanted daisies until I bought my dress – way too formal for the humble daisy.

    I loved my bouquet and wouldn’t change a thing. The mostly-cream colors were perfect with my dress and all the purple going on. If I had had a more casual dress, I would have used gerbera daisies – my favorite!

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