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Several faithful readers have asked how my official Garden Consultation with Hanni went. She came over and gave me so many great tips and ideas that I actually grabbed a steno pad and took notes. However, the plans for the garden have hit several snags since the consultation.

  1. weather has been rainy WAY too often
  2. my motivation has been down a little since I’m pooped from all the painting I’ve been doing
  3. the tiller I was planning to borrow from my dad had a breakdown and I had to do all the soil prep by hand. (Can you say BLISTERS?)
  4. despite everything that Hanni told me, I still know very little, so I’m hesitant to dive right in

Well, I think I’m kinda sorta almost ready to begin planting. So, here’s a look at the before and in a few months I’ll happily show you the after. Even if its all brown and wilting… which it probably will be…

I’ll start by showing you my tools. I just bought the claw yesterday since the tiller was on the fritz.

Here are the seeds. Some purchased at K-Mart of all places, and some are from Big R. I’m excited about the heirloom seeds. I also got some heirloom tomatoes that I’m REALLY pumped about. Heirloom plants come from seeds that have never been genetically modified. That means they are more nutritious. Genetically Modified Organics or GMOs are creeping into the world’s food supply everywhere and actually have depleted vitamin and mineral content. Heirloom Organics are a little hard to find, but are definitely the way to go!

This patch in front of the house will be the spot for my herbs and veggies.

On the side of the house I’ll be planting flowers

Here are my day lilies, peppers, and tomatoes eagerly waiting their own plot of soil. I still need to buy herb starts.

I’m planning to plant half of my tomatoes and peppers in these and half in the ground to see if there is a difference in their production.

And there you have it! I’m a virgin gardener about to launch into the great experiment. Wish me luck!!

If you have any tips or tricks, words of encouragement, or gardening horror stories- please leave a comment. I’m eager to soak it all up!! Happy Wednesday!!!


  1. You’re way ahead of us! We finally decided we would put in raised beds next fall – we’re going to try to compost this summer so we can beef up the nutrients in the soil before planting. And maybe I’ll get something planted next spring.

    Right now – I’m still trying to excavate all the river rock from my flower beds =(

    Good luck!

    Oh – have you heard of Square Foot Gardening? I’ve hear its a great way to get a ton of produce out of a small garden plot.

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