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I have a million things running through my brain this morning. Maybe a billion. I’m trying to tie up all the lose ends from all my recent weddings before I shoot another this weekend. I’m making check lists like crazy, but I still feel like I’m forgetting something major. I’m trying to read a book before I meet with a friend for our private book club today. I’m nursing a small burn on my temple from my straightener. I’m wearing far too much eye makeup… but really, is there such a thing as too much? I’m thinking about my possible new diet and how much I already hate it even though I haven’t started it yet.

SO… since I can’t seem to focus on a theme for the day… this post won’t bother with that either. Here’s a little of what’s going on with me.

PLEASE, after reading my list, tell me one random thing about YOUR day in the comment section! I’d love to feel like I’m not alone with my Wednesday Induced ADHD.

  • I hate that I just used the word “random”. It irritates me to death when people overuse that word. Same goes for “awkward”. Let’s just drop those two words for a while, ok?
  • I am currently in LOVE with the show An Idiot Abroad it’s killing me to wait for David to get home so I can watch another episode. It’s educational and hilarious all at the same time.
  • I’m about to start this diet. For the rest of my life probably. It means the end of pizza, and cocktails, and pretty much everything else I enjoy. I’m angry about it. Maybe I’ll be able to blog more about that at some point, but at this point I’m too angry about giving up so many things that I love.
  • I’ve been taking hour-long (minimum) walks lately with my dog Lucy. It’s my absolute favorite part of the day. It makes both of us deliriously happy. I seriously catch myself grinning like an idiot as I walk briskly letting the lake breeze slap my face.
  • Part of the reason I love the walks is because my neighborhood is soooooooo absolutely, beautifully, amazingly gorgeous. I can’t believe that I live here! It’s crazy!
  • I cannot stop listening to the Gotye song Someone That I Used to Know. I’m glad we’ve moved to digital media because if it were on tape, I’d have worn it out by now.
  • I’m reading Crazy Love and just about every word of this book is making me squirm. I think that’s a sign that my soul is unwell. There are other signs, but that one seems to be the most unsettling.
  • I’ve made some new friends lately that actually take the time to pursue me. I feel unworthy and overwhelmed.
  • Sometimes working out your aggression needs to take the form of a furious dance party for one in your kitchen. It NEEEEEDS!
  • I’m a hypocrite who celebrates the natural beauty of others yet is currently deeply dissatisfied with what the good Lord gave her and wishes she had it “going on” in a more conventional way.
  • I’ve found myself having super hero daydreams lately. I wish I could run up walls and do cool flips. You know, swoop in at the last minute. All that. It’d be cool. It’d come in handy in fighting human trafficking.
That’s more than enough about me! How are you? That reminds me of a song… name that tune, anyone?
Enough about me, let’s talk about you for a minute! Enough about you, let’s talk about life for a while!
The conflict, the craziness, and the sound of pretenses falling, all around, all around.

Meg and James, thanks again for the flask. It’s quite a conversation piece… And several people have tried to steal it from me. I love it!


  1. Alanis!

    The current open tabs on my Chrome bar include the following pages and/or searches in following order: 3 different Gmail accounts, Facebook, rebuilt Jetta engines and trannys, mustard yellow peacock feathers, the Menard’s paving block sale ad, Stella de Oro daylily bulbs, the Village at Winona Art Fair info, Chase billpay, my Etsy orders page, Skydive Great Lakes and Amazon Kindle.

    That about sums up my current brain situation! ADD pays off sometimes, don’t it :P

  2. I had to get up twice last night to retrieve my sleepwalking husband. The second time he was “looking for pamphlets”. When this happens I catch myself using my Cardinal Center calming voice. “Okay, darling. We’ll find them in the morning. Come back to bed.”

  3. ~ lilacs smell like strawberries (so i’ve been instructed by a 4yo)
    ~ if ‘random’ and ‘awkward’ are the correct words to be used in a sentence and sentiment, then they SHOULD be used. no one or thing should be ignored or avoided just because some people use them in an annoying fashion. ;o)
    ~ with all due compassion, respect and concern, i agree with you on bullet #10. if i’m supposed to be okay with who i am as someone that is way less wordly-attractive than you are, it’d be so much nicer to know that you allow yourself the same kind of grace and mercy you’re willing to bestow so generously on others. <3 (tough love)
    ~ i'm so excited to actually be getting something i've wanted so passionately all my life; but i'm still scared that i'm not worthy and that i'll fail.
    ~ i don't have any contingency plans
    ~ i think people at the kids' school are starting to see me as one of the crazy "moms" who has 5 little kids she has to take around everywhere with her. and i'm not even a mom. i envy the other moms who only have one or two to deal with.

    maybe you can say 'scattered' instead of 'random'? maybe i should go blog on my OWN site… ahem.

  4. * Sinus headaches are so distracting
    * Netti pots (though incredibly weird) are somewhat comforting
    * I’m not familiar with your music
    * I like Danica’s reference to a Cardinal Center calming voice. Sometimes I think about Behavior Management Training just for fun.
    * I survived preparing 60 preschool crafts with MULTIPLE small pieces – and with Becca’s help too!
    * My head hurts too much to make supper – wonder if the kids will do it?

  5. Lol thieves! Maybe if they’d have known it was part of the “being our wedding photographer and new bff” gig, they would’ve thrown their hats into the ring. Suckers. They can’t have it now! :-P And, you are totally welcome. The fact that you won it just shows how well you know your clients by the time it comes down to the big day.

    You are totally worthy. People don’t pursue you like that if you aren’t. And you aren’t a hypocrite: knowing you have more worth than your appearance is half the battle–the important half! Maybe you care so much because you still know there are many others out there who don’t know that, and they’ll judge you for it.

    And, wow, that diet sounds completely rough. I hate going through just Passover every year without wheat, oats, barley, rye, or spelt. I even blogged about how I would consider mugging someone for spelt this year. I would be angry too, or, more likely, ignore good advice, choose to suffer, and stuff my face with bread, because, hey, I’m five like that.

    I love that song, too. Have you heard the new version that was on Glee last week?

    I agree, Michelle… Neti pots (or the Sinusense–their latest cousin) ARE somewhat comforting. :D …and incredibly weird. I get so excited about all that they have done for me and try to talk people (including Marah) into using them. They back away with an expression that says, “I’m afraid for your sanity, but more afraid that you’ll try to stick water in my nose.”

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